Scaring rabbits and other blunders.

So following on from the weekend shindig I managed to get in a little bit of spotlighting. Gun-Dmc was kind enough to taxi me around in the corolla bush basher. No front windscreen meant a very good shooting position straight out over the bonnet. I took the Lithgow .22 and away we went. I tried putting the bipod out onto the dash and very rapidly learned that this was not a good way to shoot. The car bounced the rifle around and when attempting to track moving bunnies ,the bipod, would snag on the bonnet and dash. Also kept over estimating range and sent the first few rounds sailing over their heads.
Adapt and overcome.
Folded up the bipod and rested on my hand. Stopped trying to hold over and just bullseyed.

And what do you know, it worked.
Overall, a great weekend. Thanks again to Gun-Dmc for providing a venue and thanks to everyone who turned out. Was good to talk shit, shoot guns and enjoy the countryside.

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Your welcome mate. I only wish id be right for sunday, I still have a bunch of ammo to shoot off, lol!
Plenty of rabbits around here still

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