Save duck hunting

Speak of the idiots…
Just remember, it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t, what matters is you support the community. After ducks it will be deer and everything else. Don’t give an inch.

Annoying that you have to be a Victorian resident to sign. I’m a member of SSAA and regularly cross the border into Victoria and NSW.

You could be…

done very easy but I have signed up to quite a few of these now. With all the data matching facilities I hope my name isn’t coming up on some black list. Perhaps it is time for a new tin foil hat.

Use initial…

What a Victorian resident? Been there, done that.

Done this one… but knowing dan the man… if he’s done a back hand deal with ajp… the ban will go ahead

Apparently, the motion to ban duck hunting has been adjourned.

Labor, Libs, Nats, & Shooters Fishers & Farmers were against the bill.

That’s a pleasant surprise.

perhaps the poll indicated a lot of people were Pro Duck hunting so they would delay the motion to a time when they can sneak it under the doormat.