Savage A22R V CZ lever release.

Those who have both - is the CZ lever release that much better?
I don’t want to just buy one if the CZ isn’t worth paying 3 times the price.

i have the cz, freaking fantastic… tried using the savage in the shop and found it to be very " clunky " …

I have an A22 Varmint, a 515 woody and a 515 tactical.
The CZ ‘s are objectively better.
Build quality is similar but CZ has the edge.
The CZ has

  • a far superior trigger
    -better lever placement
    -far better mags and easier to get.
    -It’s a CZ

The A22 in isolation is not bad, it’s accurate.

-The mags suck to load
-Extra mags are expensive and hard to source
-The lever is in an ok spot but is clunky to operate.
-The trigger blows

Comparing one to the other, the CZ is better and to me was worth the extra spend.

The Savage is an excellent rifle for the money


I have the Savage and pretty much agree with Superduke other than I think the mags arnt that expensive I got an extra for $60 I paid $110 OR 120 for an Anshutz.
Get the CZ you wont have any regrets.

Pretty much what everyone else said, A22 is accurate, but so is 515. Everything else, from feel, to fit and finish I’d give to 515.