Sambar deer this morning

A mate shot this deer with a bow on a local " no gun property " he wanted a hand so i ended up going out to help him cut it all up lets just say we learnt alot and there are things we would do differently next time, but looking forward to getting some venison on the BBQ in the next coming weeks, at an estimate we got probably 40-50 kg’s of meat

Pretty messy as well all know so only ended with a few snaps


Where was it, looks like farm land.

Nice. Yes it takes a fews goes at finding the best way to get at all the meat. looks like you should have got 100 kg+ from that one. First photo he looks a bit thin. First glance I thought it was a roo. Second photo of him hanging up and looks a good size.
PS Peter D said hi today we were shooting up at Katandra.

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Pretty good effort to get it with a bow.


@bogong its not to far out of north east Melbourne

@sungazer was a fairly decent size, not the biggest lurking around but plenty of meat to last the rest of the year we managed to not waste much.

@Oldbloke i’ve known this mate a few years now we originally met at the local archery club before we both had guns, i might get back into bows after this haha

Good work mate.

Some nice feeds there mate. Any deer with the bow is an achievement, especially a sambar. Takes quite a few goes to become effecient at breaking down an animal, great to see you didn’t just take a few cuts and dropped the rest.