One thing that we all know is when dealing with firearms safety is number one and can not be stressed enough how easy bad things happen.

These photos were sent to me by my son who found them on Facebook. They are not local from what I know and I am not sure if it was an accident or on purpose as the spiel that was with them said he wanted to see if a steel cap boot would stop a 45 cal.


As you can see it missed the steel cap, not that it would have helped if he had hit it.

Savage. Safety can never be over-emphasised. Lucky that it did miss the metal, or it would have been a lot worse.

If he’d felt the need to try it out so much, at what point does the thought “I’m not sure this will work, maybe I’ll take my foot out first?” cross his mind? But maybe I’m being optimistic.

Hold my beer, I’ve got this! Coz 'Merica…

I agree. And contrary to what i have often heard, safety boots are really only designed to save your toes from dropping objects.

:joy: generally if you aim a loaded firearm at your foot and pull the trigger this would be the outcome

This is not a safety issue, this is a dumb c#@t issue. Idiots should be encouraged to do this sort of thing, thin the herd a bit.


I find it really very hard to believe anyone might think a steel cap would stop a round, so I’m calling bullshit. I reckon it was an negligent discharge and someone made up a “cool story bro”


@Bent_arrow you’d think that, right, because you are not crazy. However, you’d be wrong, because gene pool is tainted. For example:

Well, there you have it. Dumb as a box of hammers.

Ive got a feeling i saw this quite a few years ago. Same pics. But might be wrong.

All I all is that I’d this story is true… the guy doesn’t procreate… improving or gene pool

Slightly off topic. I heard years ago a blanket hanging from a clothes line would stop a 22lr at 100 yards.
Now, since the blanket is able to “move, flex” and obsorb the impact this makes a little sense. Has any one seen or tried this?

Mythbusters did a thing on it, but more with a parachute looking thing, worn as a cape by sumurai messengers, to stop arrows, guess olden day hacking, you probably know all about it, since you’ve invented arrows. Anyway, pretty much the same principle.

That said, tiny form factor of a 22LR projectile and enough velocity at 100m, makes this highly unlikely. Of course, this depends on power of 22 ammo, on how thick your blanket is and whether or not it’s made of kevlar. Seriously though, 99% unlikely. Easily tested though.

Yes, and being a surivor I was around when black powder was first invented too.

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Yep. Too many idiot’s out there. I wonder how many times he was dropped on his head as a baby

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Not enough, or at least not from high enough up.