SA self audit of firearms

OMG. Here we go. SAPOL has decided we must all do a self audit. It will be an online system, so I fear a data breach is inevitable…


Is this also them recognising that their database is incredibly out of date, and thus not particularly useful?

Makes you wonder why everything is registered /s

I would think so…

So if some unscrupulous type decides to forget a couple off the list, well they just disappear. Lol

…or add a few extra that would completely compromise the integrity of the entire dataset.

Some of the stuff they want as part of that self-audit is just insane. They want to know what country a gun was manufactured in (eg, whether your Winchester Model 94 is an American or Japanese one), what year the gun was made (good luck working that out for anything that’s not a military service rifle or purchased brand new), the magazine design, and whether the hammer is internal or external (because apparently no-one at SAPOL knows how to Google stuff like this if they need to know for some reason).

We’ve written to SAPOL Firearms Registry, every SA MP, and the SA Police Minister and Police Commissioner with our concerns and are also running a “Justify The Cost” campaign on social media too.


Good work guys!

My magazine is clippy shaped with knoby thing, I think it may be an intermediate hammer for the munition loading.

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In all seriousness though, @ShootersUnion - great campaign, I did see it. However, could it possibly be viewed from a different angle. Perhaps, that the registry no longer has the data set?

If these questions are asked of the public, could it be suggested that there are no longer records in the registry or records cannot be accounted? How can the data integrity be verified?

Perhaps all major news channels should be notified about the risk to the community SA registry has created, by losing or mismanaging the registry database? If this is not the case, then why does it need to be audited? If it is, then this is a ‘huuuge threat’ to the community, you know… Perhaps get the greens to do your bidding, Karens will be horrified, besides they run the best gun marketing campaigns, I bought 2 shotguns because of their advertising, I didn’t even want an Adler.

One of the questions we have asked the Registry and Police Minister etc is “Why do you even need this data anyway?”. We’ll let you know what they say to that. :slight_smile:

We are putting together something for the media now; it was going to go out on Monday but between half of the country’s journos getting laid off and everyone now watching the brouhaha in the USA we figured holding off for a little bit would be more effective there.


They do this because their registry has %&$#@! up all the records. This happened to us up here in NT about three or four years ago, except they contacted us all to arrange for a police inspection to check against registry paperwork; not that hard in a small population like NT.

I had all kinds of errors: guns Id sold years ago and guns that never even made it onto their database, and so did many people.

Heh - they literally stuffed it up on my second PTA. Had my Lithgow listed as a BSA Sportsman. I noticed they got it wrong when I got my certificate of registration.