Rumors of changes to safe storage requirements in Victoria

I had someone who runs the firearms safety course in Victoria tell me yesterday that there have been rumors flying around that Victorian gun owners will be required to have a minimum 5mm of steel in their gun safes in the near future.

I don’t like to spread rumors and I hope that it is just that but I was wondering if anyone had heard similar as I’m looking at a new safe purchase in the next few months and don’t want to buy something that wont be legal in the near future.

@ShootersUnion have you heard anything about this?

Don’t know about the rumours.

5mm has been an unofficial requirement for Cat H shooters for some time. Regardless of the rumours, if I were you and if you have even a slight inclination to get a Cat H licence in the future (and sounds like you might), I’d go with a ‘Cat H’ compliment safe, that does have min 5mm door thickness (usually it references the door).

There is absolutely nothing in the regulation about that. However, it’s one of those discretionary things for the inspecting officer. If ever contested, you’d probably win, because, again, nothing in the Act about that. However, best to avoid the situation in the first place (for Cat H).

When you start looking for a new safe, it may be worth searching online for second hand security safes, instead of a gun shop. They are usually cheaper and better. Don’t recall the link right now, but I have seen it…

Thanks for that. You make a good point about the Cat H. At least it’ll future proof me if I ever go down that road.

We haven’t heard anything and like pretty much all gun laws rumours, wouldn’t take it seriously.

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Hehe, chinesium powder coating is a mil thick on both sides :rofl:

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