Ruger No1 in 375 H&H



Now your talking.

Can’t find the add but would buy :drooling_face:

That’s because you are a neanderthal. Click on any ad, and then swap numbers on the end.

Would buy? $1,800 - I think anyone with spare $1800 would buy!

I don’t even own a computer lol, so tech illiterate ( besides my horrible spelling/grammar ) i am better be in f-ing mint condition to absoloute perfection for that price though

Na that’s a fair price,
That’s one of my dream guns / calibers

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I don’t believe it, young bloke like you. Must have a PC.

Almost one of my dream guns, I’d like one in 45-70, but you know what, I am willing to compromise for 375 H&H! That’s just an epic classic calibre.

It would be nice. But too dear for a fun fun.

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Do it. 375 H&H is a great cal.

I’d do it. I just need something to do it with, or 1,800 somethings.

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There you go I just gave you a like, now you just need 1799 more. :star_struck: