Ruger 96 questions

So I got to play with Ruger 96 (22LR) today and ooooohhh mama. So, question is… What’s a good fair price for one in very good to excellent condition? They don’t come up often, but I’m interested, in case I want to jump on one.

Extremely inflated prices, unusual collectability for an average gun.
The going rate seems to be $900-$1200
They are different and ‘almost’ a 10/22.
I nearly bought one for $300 just after the buy back in 96, brand new.
They are cool, mount a scope easy, pretty reliable, use 10/22 mags, not amazingly accurate.

Yeah, that’s what I saw today. Unfortunate. I really liked it, but $900 mmmm maybe not.

Here’s a few pictures of mine…
Yeah I got the collection all calibers &
25 shot bx25 for 22lr
25 shot for 17hmr and 22wmr

22lr is minute of pig accurate
44 mag is minute of fox accurate
& my 17hmr n 22mag are bout 1.5 -2 Moa @ 100

$1000 22lr
$900 22 wmr
$1100 17 hmr
$1000 44 mag

Of course you do @Justice :smiley:

How do you like the 22LR version?

My favourite lever with detachable mag.
Over my Naughton Fieldman and Marlin 56.
Smoother, better mag capacity, the most accurate of my 3 levers with detachable magazines

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This is hurting me. Really.

As a side note, the 10/22, 96 stock is basically the exact same profile as an M1 carbine. My Dad used to have both. I learned to shoot with a 10/22 and after the buyback many people just like me wanted to replace their 10/22. The 96 was the next best thing available at the time. (No summit or PWS stuff back then).

I’d like pws too :slight_smile: