Ruger 7.62x39 ( filed under things that piss me of)

So I quite like the little Ruger in 7.62x39. I think it’d make a fantastic deer gun, to 200m or so. I’m sure it will reach out and touch something a lot further, but that would mean heavier scope, etc. I like it for it’s small and lite design.


I’m use to streamline design, due to the way I carry my rifle. This one has a protruding magazine, that really messes with me. Making it pretty uncomfortable to carry in one hand.

First world problems.

Can you not buy a smaller mag?

Or modify it for an internal mag.

Or buy some other gun

Or buy a 30-06 with some real grunt.
Seems light on to me for larger deer species. Goats, pig, fallow would be fine.

A break open SB in 308 is a good option. They are about.

Get a .500 s&w mag, then you won’t need a magazine, one shot and its gutted and quatered for you :wink:


To small for deer.

There is a bergara 7mm08 single shot in ballarat

Yep, about same or slightly less grunt than 30-30. You can use spire bullets which help unlike 30-30. But bit light on for Sambar or Reds in MHO.
Pigs, Goats, Fallow would be great.
In this case more is more is better.

For many years 30-30 was the legal minimum for Reds & Sambar and should still be.