Ruger 22 (not mine) - worth a look

If someone is in the market for a hunting/practical 22LR, this is a cracker of a deal. If I hadn’t
have one preordered, this would be in my safe.

Rugger American Compact, 22LR and a scope.

Ok @juststarting, you forced my hand and made me buy it… :sunglasses:

Are you getting the compact version ? :beers:

No, I have Savage A22R pre-ordered. I made up my mind, 99% on Ruger compact after playing with one at a shop, I just absolutely loved it. And then A22R got announced. That’s the lever release one. I wanted a lever release for a while, but everything out there is in 30-06 and 300WM, way too huge for what I wanted them for, so bam that was a done deal with a slight shift in priorities. Considering I got another pew pew just recently and looks all innocent 2 more on order, excluding A22R, I thought I better not.

You have been busy :sunglasses:

John and Garry from Browns plains gun shop seem like nice blokes, even threw in the postage. :grinning:

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Yep Gary is a good bloke. That’s one of my locals

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Well I picked her up today along with a brick of CCI standard’s to play with :sunglasses:

I was a bit worried after seeing the poke hole in the box that she may have received some damage while being kicked around in transit, but fortunately she survived it… Lucky they didn’t mark it fragile handle with care or it would have been targeted more lol :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would comfortably describe its condition as excellent. Seems the only reason it wasn’t listed as such is that it didn’t come with the front sight, however that was made very clear to me at the time of purchase :+1:

I would be more than happy to deal with the guys from Browns Plains Gun Shop again. :beers:

I should add that I received friendly service at the transferring dealer, Bluey’s Hunting & Fishing in Wodonga, so I’ll certainly go back there again.:smiley::beers:


Nice. I do like them.