Round count on secondhand guns.

A long time ago someone told me that when someone tells you how many people they’ve slept with, if it’s a guy divide the number by 3 and if it’s a girl times it by 3 and you should be close to the truth.
I wonder if the same sort of formula could be attributed to the round count in a secondhand gun listing?

Pedal rubbers are often a more accurate indication of mileage than odometers.

Round count is a funny thing, if its not cared for properly a gun can be stuffed with very few rounds fired. On calibers that burn throats quickly maybe round count matters more (if you believe it has been cared for - and the round count).

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“only fired about 20 rounds, just taking up space in the safe”.

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It takes a pretty dedicated person to adopt the practice, and then keep it up. I do it mainly because it is the done thing in the Target rifle sports to keep a log book of each shoot. Recording things such as which range you are shooting on, weather details, local tips on what to look for and where (if you can find out) local knowledge type of stuff.the distance you are shooting the scope settings how many shots you fired, score and a running round count. Any and all the stuff that you think of that you can use to improve with and look back on if needed.

I have used it when trying out different techniques and then the results over a period of time. Then you can look back and see if they were good or bad and if you go back to previous do you get the same results.

@juststarting Reloading Studio has it all for the more computer minded person. All those times you try something out in reloading need to be written down so they can be evaluated and the results reviewed over time.


Rumour has it if you stick a 303 prodgie backwards into the muzzle of a 303 the length it sinks down near the shoulders is a good indication of wear

What does it mean when it drops down the barrel and stops just before the chamber?

It’s a rare Enfield blunderbuss.

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That sounds right. When looking at my target rifle to be re-crowned the gunsmith used a pin gauge to measure the wear at the muzzel end. I was surprised to see how much it wears at that end of the barrel. Very easy to see using the gauge it is just a matter of getting the right size and seeing how far in it fits or how sloppy it is at the muzzle.