Ring-ding didle idle I de-o

Step one: listen to song.

Step two: read the article.

I safely tied the lanyard around the trigger and grip safety, then out of nowhere it went off!
I think it’s clear that we need to get these dangerous weapons out of the hands of the public and ensure that only law enforcement and military personnel have them as a matter of public safety. :joy:


this situation (and others) its obvious that police cannot be trusted with dangerous and deadly firearms. I believe we need to take firearms out of law abiding police hands… only specially trained special police officer would be allowed access to firearms to be used in case of terrorist activities, they will be based in a central location… Canberra is a logical choice.

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Police have now released an official statement.
"The officer is currently on two days leave giving her ample time to carve a new pistol from wood so she doesn’t look silly walking around with an empty holster from now on… Also wood pistols are much safer to tie ribbons around. ":rofl:

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