Rimfire Field rifle....

Anyone shooting SSAA Rimfire Field competition? I wouldnt mind giving it a go, or at least practising the course of fire, when at the range. There is postal competitions, which could be worth a look too.

Can’t say I have, but what is it? Link to rules somewhere?


It’s my gig. You just need a 25m and 50m range and you need post supports for the standing post and sitting post.

Rapid fire 25m 4x3 rounds 15 seconds for each burst of three. You get 2 extras as only the top 10 are scored off the 12 shot.

Off hand 25m
15min 10 rounds.

Standing post 50m
Using a post for support like you would in the bush. 15 min for 10 rounds

Sitting post 50m
As above but just on your but.


Awesome! Is it the same target for 25/50m? The 12 shots on one target? Then 10 shots on each target/position?

Its the same size target for both distances. Need 4 target cards in total, 8 scoring rings.

You shoot five rounds on each of the two targets (1 card). This means you can get a max 100.10 from each position.

You only get the bonus shot in Rapid fire. This means 6 shots a ring but the lowest scoring shot is ignored.

Just realised that’s not the best target a it has a cross fire but you get the idea.

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Thanks heaps @Gregfiddich!
Looks like fun! Im keen to give it a go. Rimfire shooting is pretty attractive at the moment. I thought if I’m going to practice the match, i want to practice it the proper way, so thankyou very much, you’ve filled in the gaps for me! I will let you know how i go.


The 4x3 Rapid is standing free hand also, yes?

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Sure is.


Whats your best rimfire match score?

I once got a 380 but typically around 370 lately. I want to move into AA so have to get better and more consistent with the 380.

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Shot hot mate!!! I know my ol Anschutz wont let me down…it will me holding the rifle.

You can’t go wrong with them. All the top shooters use 54 or 64 actions.

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Had a few M54s love em…only have an old 1450 repeater now, but its typical Anschutz accurate.

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Gday…any scope power limits? Would 22-250 be overkill for the CF match? The 3P NRA Match sounds ok too!

No restrictions on scope. Most are around 20-30 times. The more you have the more you see your wobble. I shoot with 25x on mine. You need to be able to clearly see your shots which is the main reason for the high magnification. Parallax/ side focus to 25m is another good thing to have.

The 22-250 is fine but the extra recoil and heat causing barrel mirage can get crappy.

It’s a pretty high round count especially if you do 3p so can get pricy.

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The targets aren’t far away and they’re paper, so .22-250 is burning about 3 times as much powder as you’d want/need to.
That leads to the recoil/heat issues listed above.

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Yeah i kinda gathered that. Im thinking 222, 221FB, 218B, or 22H would be prime cases for the match.