Rifled Shotgun Chokes

A question for the shotgunners on here, do rifled chokes help to make slugs more accurate?
I am using cast slugs 7/8 oz from a Lee mold and shooting them through my Adler B230.

If they do work where is the best place to find one for a Adler B230 or will one for the Adler 110 fit?

Really? That’s why they shoot shotguns, accuracy is just an afterthought.


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Only when you spray and pray.

Chokes made for a Beretta, Benali, Mobil should fit the R’adler.

I have ordered one for the Erika. I have not used one yet myself, but the likes of Hicko45 and Taofledomous on the YouTube sware by them.

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Sweet! I have wondered about these briefly. Did you get yours from that eBay link or did you find one for sale in Oz?

I couldn’t find one in oz, I ordered that brand from a USA eBay seller.

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Sweet, I was wondering if they were all the same size or slightly different.
Might hunt down one and give it a go.

Thanks for that.

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Found a company in OZ that sells the Carlson chokes (http://dksoutdoors.com.au/).
They agree that the Beretta will fit and have them for $132 postage included.

That’s good. Roughly what I paid n I bet you’ll get yours before me.

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