Rifle scopes "Vector Optics"

If anyone has experience with rifle scopes “Vector Optics” please share your opinion on their quality.
I am planning to buy “Vector Optics Continental 5-30×56 FFP” rifle scope for target shooting at distances from 100 to 1000m.
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Hey Nick. Can’t comment on that optics brand but welcome on board, bud :nerd_face::+1:

Hi Gwion,
Thanks for the warm welcome!

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Welcome mate

I’ve got one of their 1-6 LPVOs on the cz 22. I find there’s a bit of an issue with eye relief at higher powers but for the $200 I paid I think it’s fine. It holds zero and works which is pretty much all you want from cheap and cheerful.

If you can afford to try it and are prepared to write it off if it’s not suitable - go for it

Thanks for the reply!

I like Vector optics gear, but I am in the same boat, red dots and prism. I don’t own their scopes, but LPVOs I’ve handled - I really liked. High-end stuff, don’t know, but from what I’ve seen seems fine. I guess you could always test it and return if not up to spec.

I can’t really comment on their scopes either, I’ve got a Vector red dot on a pistol and an LPVO on a 22 charger, they don’t really compare to higher quality equivalent but for their price point the quality seems pretty good and I’m happy with them so far, in saying that neither have done huge round counts yet, and both are only on 22’s so can’t really comment on how they take recoil punishment.

For what a Vector scope will cost v’s the same spec in a higher quality brand I’d say it’s probably worth the punt if that’s what your budget allows for, my guess is the main difference with the higher magnification scopes you’re looking at will be glass quality, which is more important as you push further out.
*Edit. Another thread just made me think of these. Maybe also have a look at Arken scopes, they’re around the same money and the couple I checked out were Impressive for the price.