Retail Therapy, 458 Win Mag

I have been a bit down of late (nothing life line or anything), but some sad stuff happening to people I care about :sob:

Also can’t stop thinking about the beloved guns of the past that I had to get rid of for various reasons :cry: (Never Again). Wouldn’t even be able to pry one out of my cold dead hands from now on…!!!

Anyhoo, I decided that I needed some retail gun therapy to make me feel a little better…

Here she is…

Good old retail therapy, always makes me feel a bit better :grinning::wink::beer:



What a beast!
Errr… what is it exactly?

I am thinking a Winchester model 70.
Either way it is one sexy looking rifle.

Ruger M77 .458 Win Mag mate. Nice to feel her in my hands again… I’m going to start my own buyback scheme and attempt to obtain some other sweethearts, Ive been lucky enough to love and caress in the past…


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Damn nice.

What do you plan on using it on?

Wabbits, Crows etc… lol… Sambar and Reds from time to time (mostly use the .300 but its good to have the option:grinning:)… Its also a good excuse to plan a trip back to the NT for some Buff and Camels… :grinning::sunglasses::beers::wink:

Also handy if ya don’t have the chainsaw with ya, a few 500 grainers into a log will get it done… :beers::sunglasses::beers:

What are you planing to use it on? Seriously, @Oldbloke? On targets! LOL

.500 grains… is that all :joy: nice looking gat mate

Shot a sparrow with a 500 grainer from this same rifle back in the day, I don’t know if I hit it but I certainly didn’t see it fly off… :rofl::beers:

@juststarting mate unlike your self DD and myself r hunters, not poofy paper punchers.

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:rofl:…The only time I shoot paper is when I’m sighting in… Even then its a (manly) once loved beer carton with a hand drawn target… :rofl::beers:

Btw… Nice OB… Bloody whipper snappers need some shit stir… Razz :rofl::beers:

Did you shoot that sambar yet, oh the great hunter :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you guys know I can assign random badges. Like ‘poopatron’ I think I am going to go create one and assign it to both of you.

You thought I was kidding LOL

No, didn’t think you were kidding mate… Old Bloke and I have been awarded with a custom badge for our efforts of shit poking you… Its encouraging us to see what else we can get… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sunglasses::beers:


Hey, can I put in a request for a ( dead set legendary dingo ) badge for my B/Day on the 26th.?..

Just asking, since you have the power of god :rofl::grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses::rofl:

LOL Sure. I just need a reminder, b’day boy.

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The 26th is tomoz… how dodgy can your memory be? :nerd_face::+1:

Efficient, not dodgy.