Restoring Winchester 62 or 06 - one of them, probably 06

Coffee, check! Begin…

This is balls to the wall moment, I have never stripped the entire trigger group in Winchster '06. I have now. Fun fact, 1890, 1906, 62 and 62A model are almost identical internally, more or less, not completely, but close enough, so that’s sort of, I don’t know, trivia fact…

Nasty, also self reference which way the parts face, before I stripped it.

More nasty and more self reference…

Receiver was sort of okay, some pitting, barrel also, but overall good. Barrel - some pitting, unfortunately I can’t do anything about that (not impossible, I just don’t think it’s needed) and pretty much rusty and white.

Few fun bits… Learnt from past experience of taking '06 bolt apart and made myself a screwdriver specific to that tiny little fucking screw. Used to have a set of (I think everyone knows them) cheap as dirt Chinese mini screwdrivers. Well, they are now custom Winchester takedown tools :nerd_face: screw driver needed a little bit of hand filling.

…and another one had a little bit of dramel love to grind it down into a mini punch, to pop a retained screw pin out.

Other than that, parts complete gun, minus a few specific bolts that I have from other projects, so that’s a win.

Now we get to the fun, Bubba was here part.

The sights were wobbly, both front and rear. I suspect someone tried to ‘drift’ them out wrong way with some force. And as evidence of that… Magazine retaining loops. On all models they twist off. They are not dovetailed, although they look like they are. In reality, they just get twisted off… Anyway, Bubba and his Godzilla like strength didn’t know that I guess.

Left side loop, messed up beyond any salvation. Because, obviously, if something is not moving, rather than trying to find a manual or a video, Bubba just applies more force. I could fix it with a file, but the barrel end looked just as bad and too loose, so no luck there. Fortunately, however, @bentaz had some metal epoxy.

That did the trick. So my project gun is - project complete… Would be nice to have un-bubbed version, but the price was right and I like tinkering.

Other than that, did a little bit of bluing work on that, like I have on the last gun and cleaned up the wood.

Turned out nice, even if I say so myself :slight_smile:


Looking good mate.
I might have to start dropping guns off at your place!

No worries, Bayside recyclers accept metal for free :slight_smile:

Good thinking, especially since he has the barrel scrubbing down pat and as we know he loves to tinker. :wink::rofl:

Yeah, mine has been bubba’d too. I’d love one that hasn’t been fkd with, but damn they are expensive

If you think they are expensive here check out the prices they get in the US.
Both my 06 and 62 have been mucked around with to various degrees.

I can get probably get my hands on mint condition or close to it. I now know a good, lol. But, yeah, $$$. I need to fill some other gaps in the collection first :slight_smile:

I have one more '06 (yeah lol, I know, I stopped posting them it’s an addiction) to clean up and I’m good for project guns. Fortunately, the last one is great. Needs a clean and what not but great. Then I’ll be looking for few others I have my eye on.