Restoring (assembly and facelift) an old 303-25 (Part 2)

Had a moment to put this old timer back together and give it a little bit of a face lift…

New stock…

Nothing special here, just a cheap plastic-fantastic, but feels fine (for what it is) and complete. Doesn’t look too bad either. Assembled the rifle. Didn’t have any spare parts left, so that’s a bonus. Tools, tools, tools. I have a few needle nose pliers, without them - no freaking way. It’s always the springs! Anyway, that’s all back together now.

Lube, always lube :slight_smile: Add a layer of grease to everything that’s going to sit under out of sight, under the stock. Bit of long term protection.

Safety re-assembly was a little tricky, it has to go in, in a particular way, took me a couple of tries, before I got it.

…and then I snapped the retaining bolt (top on the photo). I wasn’t too impressed with it anyway. I think it may have been something like M3 or thereabout. I had a perfect bolt to replace the original, which I actually like a lot more anyway, but it was M4. Little bit of digging through my bag of holdings and voila! M4 tap exactly where I thought it would be.

That’s it for now.

Really like this photo :slight_smile:

Next, I need to find a 3-9 or 3-12 scope with 1" tube and do some loading (part 3).


Good work, but I want to see a pic of the whole thing!

When it’s out next, I’ll take photos.

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Looks good, even seems to be a half reasonable fit at the wrist .