Replacement 4” folding knife

Well, it’s looking like I’ve lost my trusty kershaw 4" folder after what must be close to 25 years. :cry: Skun a lot of rabbits with it and butchered a couple of sambar too. Hardly run in. Lol. I hope the bugger who finds it appreciates it.

Sooo I need a replacement.

Any suggestions? Reasonably priced say up to $80. Steel types to look for too. I know 440c was rated highly but what else is out there?

P. S. want a basic drop point.

1095 for a carbon steel is great, but will ‘patina’ s30v is real nice but probably out of that price rance, vg10 is quite similar and a little cheaper, got a a few knives in that, i’m not really a folder guy but gerber seems to be doing some decent quality field knives under $100

Yep thanks, no rush. Have a few sheath knives to cover for now…

Got an idea the old kershaw was 1095.

Be careful with Gerbers, used to be great quality knives but now have a lot of Chinese made ones. ( As well as a bunch of “knock-offs”) Shrade “Old Timers” are all now made in China as well.
If you can find a genuine made in U.S.A one you should be okay.
I picked up a Buck folder on my last trip to the U.S that is made there with full warranty and only $58 (U.S.)
Great little everyday knife.
My son won a Benchmade folder, now that is a quality knife.

Yes, I noticed that searching on the net yesterday. A fair few, when you check have cheap low grade steel blades.

Got me beat with modern production why they are so expensive…

The whole Bear Grilles range is Chinese crap. Goes with that idiot well.

May as well just bite the bullet and get a chris reeves then :joy:

You get what you pay for in the end…

I’ll just choose to ignore that young fella. :wink:

You are going to struggle to get a genuinely decent folder for $80 these days.

Love my bench made but it retails at about $280…

Ouch…ouch again. :rofl:

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Well I’ll be, I found it 6 days since I saw it last.


Al that look in on the net for SFA.


Good stuff. The good thing about checking on the net for prices is now you will appreciate it even more than before :+1::+1::grinning:

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Yep, always have looked after it. Now I really do appreciate it.

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Nice one!
I thought I had lost my Benchmade a couple of weeks ago, or that my wife had tidied it out of existence. Then I remembered using it down by the creek so went for a good look where I had been fishing. There it was, looking all lonley and distressed… :smiley:

Yeh. The kershaw was playing hide and seek in the ute. Where I left it. I must have looked in that pocket 6 times. It just jumped out of hiding after I gave up. :roll_eyes:

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That’s always the way lol.

I’m not embarrassed at all… I’ll just blame the Mrs… Lol. She is always miss placing shit. Lol

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