Remington model 4 rolling block maintenance

Right, so another lockdown weekend project. I am very happy with how it turned out, now it just needs to go pew pew.

Remington model 4, hex barrel. Circa 1920 I think. All in all pretty neat and tidy for what it is.

But, but, but, look at that beautiful patina. sexy, yes? It’s fucking rust!

So little maintenance was in order. Used @Supaduke’s magic stock cleaning methods with Bam. Dude is most definitely on to something, genius! It would have taken me hours with acetone, paint strippers and heat gun, what Bam does in 15 minutes. And I am not making this up, I’ve done it the hard way, never again! Spray, 15 min, clean, fresh oil, new wax, heat gun, done!

Steel was steamed and carded… That’s about it, a few hours of work while BBQ’ing. It’s actually a lot more than few hours, but when you’ve done this before a few times and have all the right tools, few hours…

The canvas:

After Bam (spray, wait, wash, dry, steel wool):

(1 application of blo and wax)

Could certainly go further, but I wanted to preserve. not refurb. So this is where I stopped on wood and steam only on steel.



Looks sweet mate, very nice

Gotta’ love those rolling-blocks. Mine a 12.17 x 44 Swede.
But, a small correction.
I think you’ll find (and the picture shows) that the barrel has got eight flats on it, meaning octagonal. Hexagonal would be six.

Hex barrel??? Can you not fucking count? Bloody amateurs. :angry:
Sorry, but that is a pet hate of mine, the amount of rifles with octagonal barrels that get advertised as “hexagonal” does my head in.
Rant over.
Nice rifle by the way.


Yes, yes, octagonal. Sheeeesh. Chill people. And yeah, turned out really nice, can’t wait to shoot it.

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Look on the bright side at least you didn’t say Triangular.

That’s sexy!!

What caliber is it??

Twotwo :slight_smile:

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Thought so…I love it!!

Long story, but I got a great deal on Toz 8 and this, sso it was my littl lockdown splurge. It’s 22 S/L, but of course shoots 22LR just fine. Fun fact, fairly sure that browning trombone is the same. I took it for a spin last week. Shoots fine, accurate, but has issues ejecting spent cases. They are extracted, they come out but are very tight. Test cases slips out easily, shot case is pretty tight. I was using standard 22LR. I am going to try subsonic and see if that works better, probably closer to what it was back than. And as I write this, I realise I have a box of Long too :man_facepalming: will throw them in my range can.

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