Remington mod 12A bolt failure.

So I had a little problem today while doing some plinking. Its probably only hade a million rounds through it, lol!

So now i’m on the hunt for a new (or old) bolt for a Remington mod 12A… :sob::sob::sob:

Not sure about Australia but here is on lot.

Yeah I looked there but they’re out of stock, numrich won’t ship one to Australia.
I recon I’ll find one at a gun show if I can’t track one down first. I’m gonna make a few calls tomorrow once the shops are open.

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There was a parts quality mostly complete one at Kerang Toyworld a while ago. I haven’t been there for a while though.

Thanks mate I’ll give them a call tomorrow :+1:

Think it’s a fairly common problem. Father in law has a broken one. I think I found new ones in America or Canada. But didn’t investigate it any further. Will be interested to see if you have any luck sourcing a replacement.

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@GUN-DMC Now I know your thoughts on this lot but they may be worth a call if you haven’t already.

Just looking on their web page (very crappy page) and they have a model 12A for sale in the firearms sale section.

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That website sucks huge donkey balls!
They are on my list of places to check but they are a last resort…

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Thanks to @juststarting I now have a bolt and some other spares on the way.
Can’t wait, should have it ready for plinkfest

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What a friends for if not for buying gun parts when the other one is forced to cook for wife.

All fixedfixed up ready for some plinking this weekend.


Cycles n dry fires, haven’t shot it yet!
Friday probably

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So tried this little plinker out, seems that when the bolt snapped the loose bit got slammed into the back of the barrel and it’s caused a little burr so the bitch won’t load as the cases catch.
I’m guessing I can clean it up with the dremel or maybe a little file, anyway still in the project box for this one.

You could have been fixing it rather than typing!

I’m buggered after moving fishtanks and furniture all day, I can barely be bothered typing tbh.
I’m only up coz I can’t think of a reason to send the girls to bed yet. :grin: