Remington 7.5 primers $$

Just bought 1000 Rem 7.5 $190/1000…The LGS told me it was the last 1000, only 100 packs left $22.70/100 Best Martini primers!!


bit over priced, but it is what it is :confused: At least you have continuity now.


Cornered, no other LGS had them! Best small primer i think.

Yesterday i was talking with a couple of dealers, they were telling me about the ammo price rise coming. They were talking about all ammo but Winchester was mentioned specifically saying some calibers like 300blk for example were going up 40%. They were just shaking their heads about it.
They just got back from Shot show and were saying some pricing even over in Murica was crazy.

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The 7.5 is the flamethrower of the small rifle primers. Hard as nails, I used them in my M77 450 bushmaster with 50gn of Lil Gun. Never blew one, and they ignite everything…a lot of it past the muzzle, but still. So reliable. I bought 1000s’s of them wayyyyy back long ago, back when women had vaginas.