Reloading set up's

I used to reload shotgun shells back in the late 90’s, but only really started reloading a few years ago. I started out doing most of it in the lounge and dining rooms.

Luckily I had some competent help. I had the press G-clamped to my wifes desk and used to carry everything backwards a fowards which was annoying so I built myself a good solid bench
and bolted my press down finely somewhere I didn’t have to pack it away all the time, the bench was in my extension which the wife wanted me to finish building and stop using for a shed, its now finally a bedroom. this left me with nowhere to put the reloading bench as I don’t really have a garage (I do but it has no power, no door on it, a dirt floor and it floods most years so its no good for a reloading room.
so I looked around a bit and found this
Its the fridge unit off of a truck, it had been used for a mobile dog wash, its been wired up with power points lights and an aircon / heater unit, it cost me $500 and I got it delivered for a box of beers.

To start with it seemed massive but slowly (or maybe not so slowly) I’ve filled it up.

I have now built another bench and a lean-to for casting slugs off one side.

Its great, I can lock it up, its a great place to hide away, for what its cost me I reckon I couldn’t do much better?

I know some of you guys have some great set ups too, so come on show us!

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Ive boxed up the floor in the casting area now and levelled it out with a load of blue metal but I don’y have a pic of it, although I do like to remember it like that, ie tiddy lol

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@6V53T here you go mate!

:+1:, theres nothing wrong with that mate its good, at least you know where everything is
. You could probably set up a hammock in there and have a home away from home,:rofl:

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Funny, that’s what his wife said.

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Corner of the mancave for reloading and fiddly close up work. Also works well as a bar


Nearly finished, just need to move some of the stuff under the bench around. Oh and get the power sorted lol.

Geez man you’re almost out of space.

Yep, I might have to commandeer some space back from the wife.


Man, how much ammo do you burn?
BTW dont forget to mount the extinguisher on the wall. About bench height is the go. :laughing:

Not nearly as much as I would like to. I try to get to the range atleast 3 times in the week that I am home and if I’m not at the range then I am out turning ferals into memories

Another bump dudes… Show us your reloading caves :slight_smile:

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Now that is a sweet looking setup but I think you need to change your calendar lol