Reloading/hand-loading 22LR

Well, as luck would have it, young grasshopper, you can in fact reload rimfire, @Tempestman .

There are no local rimfire manufacturers in Australia, to my knowledge.

How you you remove the dent from the firing pin? Or not important if it doesn’t strike the same place twice?

Also, are you even able to get strike anywhere matches? I’ve never seen them in Australia before.

Yep. Just spin it around.

Probably not worth it lol, but it does look fun.

You should try it. You like science.

Maybe when I get a centerfire. Don’t exactly have loads of space at home.

No time like the present. Spoil yourself, you deserve it lol

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Not going to lie, uni going online classes has only given me more time to online window shop for milsurps lol.