Reloading Gear, Brass & Projectiles for sale.

I got a call today from an older bloke i’ve had many a beer with when i lived up the coast, he’s getting out of shooting (i think due to health reasons) and asked if i wanted or if i knew anyone who may want any of his reloading gear even though he knows i don’t reload lol. I told him i’d post his stuff up here to see if anyone’s interested.
I’m not sure the prices on things but his comment to me was “it’s going cheap as i just want out.”
If anybody’s interested just let me know and i’ll send you his number.
He’s located at Glasshouse so 30mins north of Brisbane but i’m sure everything listed can be posted. Also i’m happy to assist if anyone needs anything sent & is nervous about dealing with someone they don’t know. :slightly_smiling_face:

500 factory Federal rds- 124gn and 115gn

700 once loaded 125gn RN lead – Starline (4.2 gns Win 231–PF 135)

200 once loaded 147gn RN lead – Starline (3.8 gns AP70 N – PF 132)

1600 once and twice fired empty cases

100 new cases - Starline

Dillon 9mm “Plunk Test” Guage

Bullet Sizing

Lyman 4500 Lubesizer $350

Lubesizer Dies (Come with top punch)

244, 308, 309 (x2), 311, 355 (x2), 356, 358, 430, 452. $ 40 each


Linotype 50 kgs $10 per kilo

Lyman #2 180 kgs $8 per kilo

Pure 40 kgs $5 per kilo

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With what he has got listed it might be a good time for you to get into reloading lol


Mate that’s a rabbit hole i’m scared to wander down…it could go deep…it could go real deep :wink:

Oh it goes deep alright and there is no bottom in sight lol.

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Deep and hard :slight_smile: Do it man.

I’d be keen on a couple of those molds.
Is the Lyman #2 that you listed size 2 shot? If so I’d be keen on a bunch of that too mate.

I’ll take one of the .312 molds and an 170gn .309.

Mate i have no idea, i’ll PM you his number now.

I would like to try the 311 and 312 moulds and sizers please put me in touch. Looking forward to the next level down the rabbit hole.


PM sent :slightly_smiling_face: