Reloading die storage

So… I finally got around to doing this today, was planned for a while, I just never had the time and decided to dedicate some today.

7 nuts shorts! Yes, jokes aside, tomorrow will be completing this baby.

That board on top is the last shelf that I need to put in, out of damn nuts! Now that I look at it though, I am going to add two more shelfs.

Can’t see it in the photo, but it’s actually tilting, using nuts at the bottom, to lean it backwards against the wall, so there is no chance of tipping and gravity working with me here, i.e. more stuff on it, the sturdier it is.

Anyhow, quite happy with my achievement. Don’t have to play Tetris every time I need to get a box out.

If you use steel pipe it is a lot stronger and will hold more weight.

What happened to the other one you were planning?

Re pipe - yes, but how much more weight does it need!? And I’d need to thread the pipe or drill for pins. And if I’d thread it, then I’d need custom bolts, just meh. This way, 4 threaded rods and I’m good! I don’t think this will ever buckle and I will have space for about 10-15 more die boxes, I think I am okay with this :slight_smile:

the other one… I built a 3D model of the other concept and a couple of alternatives, with expansion/joint spots, but it just wasn’t what I wanted. Don’t have big enough print surface to print everything in one go and not as adjustable as I’d like. This, I think, is perfect.

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You don’t need to thread it etc you buy the pipe with thread on it, like this,


Oh, I see what you mean, I have seen a few of this designs. I don’t think this is a well engineered solution to my problem. Few reasons… (a) won’t find anything that accommodates die boxes well, mine is fully adjustable, this seems to come in standard sizes and will waste a lot of space; (b) at least an order of magnitude more expensive, based on material used; ( c) it needs to be fixed to the wall. Mine is free standing and can be adjusted to work with gravity so to speak.

More expensive yes but not fixed sized. It is only limited by your imagination and you can make them free standing or bolted to your bench.

It’s not on my bench, it’s on my safe. And no, pipes will need to be custom threaded…

Why custom threaded?

Look at the shelf spacing I have. I can move those shelfs up and down, to use optimal space for a box of dies. I don’t see pipes that come threaded in those sizes.


They come in heaps of sizes.

Maybe in the magical land of America. But not in the hood ghetto we call Bunnings. LOL

Although I do like some of those, maybe second iteration of design - maybe even tomorrow ROFL But I haven’t seen that sort of range here.

Yeah don’t think you will find them at Bunnings but try an irrigation or farm supply store.

I could try an irrigation or farm supply store. Orrrrrrrr, I could just buy 7 more nuts :smiley:

That’s taking the easy way out lol.

I am a pragmatist.

Have found this: - still not 100% of what I’d like, but this is pretty cool to know about.

I stand by what I said, an over engineered solution to my problem. Albeit very pretty looking.

Yeah they have some good stuff.
My wife has mega heaps saved on Pinterest