Reloading bench progress.....

As I have mentioned earlier I will be upgrading from my little old bench to a new one. I had been getting all of the bits and pieces together and ordered all of the other goodies.

I had a hold up getting the frame built from a mate of mine as he was flat out doing paying work so it took a lot longer than I had planned.

We converted to double garage into a combined cave for both the wife and myself. This meant that we removed the roller doors and got the holes bricked in.

And we ended up with a nice space.

Because it gets hot over here in God’s country (and I am getting soft) we put in air conditioning.

We also filled in the back of the garage and put in a sliding glass door and roller shutter for security.

Once the frame work was completed we installed it and bolted it to the wall.

Then the timber sheeting for the bottom shelf was attached.

Then the fun part, putting on the top.

We also put the same top on a set of draws that we made for a different project and now provides storage.

In this photo you will also see a large table that again was repurposed and has wheels on the bottom that will be used a work bench.

So there it is though there is still more work to be done to it over the next few days as well as adding all of the goodies.

Bench Specs

The frame is made out of 40mm x 40mm box tubing with 50mm x 50mm flat steel tabs welded on the insides so the timber can be screwed into.
It is 910mm high, 700mm wide and the total length of the main bench is 9640mm long. The smaller bench is the same height and width but is 2100mm long. The set of storage draws are 1000mm high, 2100mm long and 600mm wide.

The timber is all laminated with pine on the bottom shelf at 18mm thick and hard wood for the top at 30mm thick and is 750mm wide.

As more gets done I will update as I go.



Mate that is going to be the Taj Mahal of reloading rooms.

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Yep, what @GUN-DMC, said.

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Thanks gents, it is getting there and only about a month behind schedule lol.

It looks awesome. I love the storage unit/bench. That’s really cool.

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@1Fatman the room is looking good. But I think you might need more room

Thanks, if that happens I will just have to evict the wife.

Good luck in evicting the wife if you need too

Unn belivable. Boy am I jeleous.

Wish I had a spare garage at my place

Don’t worry, I have to share it with the cook. Just lucky we have a carport as well.

Share it with the cook!. Mate couldn’t see much of her stuff and not much room after your gear :grinning::+1: :joy: well done very neat to

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Thanks for that @anon19591382, that will change in the next lot of photos. You are bound to see her stuff, the 4 black and yellow boxes are hers lol.

Ahh, just a point re: the 1st pic, it has been pretty much determined, by experts, that walling up some one in your building doesn’t actually bring good luck. In fact I think it is now frowned upon!

Bugger, well I have never really had good luck so will have to see how we go lol.


So there has been some progress since my last post and other than a couple of little things to do, one being power points and the down lights, the construction side of things is finished.

Framework for the electrical system and splash back.

Shelves have been put up.

Making the electrical framework pretty.

Splash back up.

Computer monitor in place and peg board up.

And lastly the tv.

Tomorrow I will finish the few little things and clean up and put the tools etc away. Next step is to bring out the goodies and sort out where it all goes.

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I looooooove it!

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Great job mate, I can imagine a few envious people wishing they had that much space to play with :slight_smile:

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Not just the space but the quality of finish and build quality to start with. It like a Lab with the power points along the back of the bench really nice. Very envious.

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Thanks gents, it was a long time coming lol.
Here is a small video clip of it.