Registration & Licensing for Antique Firearms

I read that Tasmania is introducing new firearms legislation requiring the registration & licensing of antique firearms. Do you think this could spread to the rest of Australia? Will this mean having to join a pistol club in order to get an “H” class pistol license in order to keep antique flintlock pistols? Is anything being done to head off this legislation?

@ShootersUnion have you guys heard anything about this?

Tasmania tightens gun laws: Antique firearms now need to be licensed and registered. Antique firearms manufactured prior to 1900 will now need to be licensed and registered in Tasmania. Previously, antique firearms were exempt from licence, registration and storage requirements under the Firearms Act 1996.18 Jan 2024,Tasmania%20tightens%20gun%20laws%3A%20Antique%20firearms%20now,to%20be%20licensed%20and%20registered&text=Antique%20firearms%20manufactured%20prior%20to,under%20the%20Firearms%20Act%201996.

18 JAN 2024 11:24 AM AEDT


Antique firearms changes to improve community safety

A new process to manage the possession of antique (pre-1900) firearms has been implemented in Tasmania.

Until now, Exemption No. 4 under the Firearms Act 1996 has allowed people to possess certain antique (pre-1900) firearms without a licence, registration and storage requirements.

We have and have been doing some stuff on it on Facebook, and e-mails to our Tasmanian members. We are also contacting the Tasmanian Police Commissioner and Police Minister, particularly with our concerns about the lack of consultation.

We’ve also been in touch with the Arms Collector’s Guild of Tasmania and the Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Party in Tasmania as well and asked for the chance to get together and come up with some ideas.

Unfortunately we don’t have a rep “on the ground” in Tasmania anymore, which is making things a bit tougher.