Red Dots - Which one?

Ok so i’ve been trying to work out which red dot i want, i don’t really know much about them though, i did have a Trijicon RMR on a S&W mp9 pro core that i sold with the gun because i hated it (the gun that is, not the optic), so i really am a red dot novice.
I’m thinking of something for the Ruger PC charger 9mm (when it eventually gets here), i figure i cant have the gun yet so i’ve been ordering some bit & pieces for it to scratch that itch, but i also want something to play around with on a shotgun to see if i like it.
I’ve thought ones like the Triji RMR and the Leupold Delta point pro, but i think I’m leaning more towards one of these three.

-Aimpoint Micro H2

-Leupold LCO

-Eotech XPS3

If any of you guys have any experience or advice on these or any other red dots you care to recommend it would be greatly appreciated…Righto guys, let her rip.

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I went through this a few years ago, i looked at all of the entry level models in pretty much every brand, most i couldn’t jutsify the price for what they wanted vs the features it had, i ended up with 2 sig sauer romeo 3’s and a vortex venom, i found the eotechs really bulky and kind of Ar orientated sight height wise, the aimpoint i almost gave it a shot, but had no issues with my sig and vortex gear so haven’t strayed from them and i’ve really used and abused them, one sig is on 12 gauge slug gun and the venom is currently on a 500 s&w mag. I liked the Aimpoint ’ style ’ better with the bit of length to see through, the reflex sight types with the thin plastic screen arn’t to great for the longer ranges i found, dot was like 4 moa or something, as you can probably tell between those 3 id have the aimpoint


Yeah i’m kind of leaning towards the Aimpoint myself, i really like the idea of the bigger diameter window on the Leupold and the fact that it’s a 1 moa dot, but it’s a pretty bulky unit in comparison.

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I love the aim point, clarity of dot and glass is a beautiful thing

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How old are you JSS?
Do you have a Red Dot or used one recently?

Reason I ask is because the dreaded spaghetti red dot has happened to me: Astigmatism.

Check it out for yourself. For me, when I use a red dot, instead of a crisp red dot, I have these ‘spaghetti’ like red lines streaming in weird patterns from the red dot. Nothing to do with LSD, probably.

That said, I like the simplicity and reliablility of my Aimpoint red dot over over the 512 Eotech which I sold, but then thats a bolt action point of view. A semi-automatic shooting pistol calibres in quick succession?
Im thinking something with a halo to quickly frame the target and a dot to confirm would be the ducks nuts. Also, so jealous…SOOOOOO jealous of you three PC9 owners.

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Nobody owns anything yet. They are not even in AU yet and when they do come here, it’s not a certainty that all states will allow them.

Mate i’m 46, and with a massive kick to my egos balls i did get reading glasses this year, but i haven’t got that Astigmatism going on just yet (although who knows tomorrow lol) but that’s an interesting article.
I’ve had a look through the Aimpoints and they were crystal clear, and i think they’re likely the way i’ll probably go because they’re just so compact, i’m pretty sure they’ve got a Leupold at Cleavers so i’ll call in there sometime soon and check one out in the flesh, but i’m thinking it’s going to be too bulky.
Maybe i’ll just be greedy and have to get both :wink:

Also sadly not a PC9 owner yet…just a poor sucker who’s paid for it and now on the long wait. Stupid bloody Corona virus!!

Although it’s still fun getting all the bits & pieces ordered for it.

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Ha yeah you beat me to it. Although i was told they have been approved and will be allowed into the country you’re spot on, some states may not allow them, but i think if any state will allow them it’ll be good old Qld.

Yeah, I am hoping Vic will be same…