Recommendations on free video editing software for Windows 10

As per the title. Looking for something free and easy to learn on, will be run with Windows 10. Just stuffing around, nothing serious…

As with the monitors I was given the 2 below as recommendations,


Videopad is very easy to use but lacks a lot of the high end features.

Hi, yeah we found open shot. Works great for what we are doing. Cheers

What are you making? :slight_smile:

Just making some short movies with my boy. Trying to make him use his imagination and learn something when he’s on the computer rather than just playing games

How old is he?

Most of the time he’s 12. Somedays 94, others 3

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Sounds like me :rofl:
I Live by the code,
Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional

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Have you considered teaching him to write software? Maybe both of you can learn at the same time… Personally, I think it’s an indispensable tool in today’s world. I think all kids must know it these days. And on the scale of creative - this is pretty good.

Yeah they do a little bit at the school he goes to. I use a few different software packages Including R for work, so I can follow my nose and trip over my shoe laces around most reasonably well designed software. I already spend far more time on a computer that I would like to, so it’s really just me trying to motivate him rather than trying to fill up my spare time time. Honestly, I’d rather he was on the computer far less than he is, but I have lost that battle, so I’m trying to alter the playing field as much as I can without being a PITA.

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