Recommend me some hunting gloves

With the onset of the arctic Victorian weather and with the prospect of being able to hunt again soon, I was wondering if anyone can recommend me a pair of hunting gloves?
I’m not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars, just something to keep the chill out of my arthritic hands.

I bought a pair of these when we went down for our Vic high country hunting trip last winter, they worked pretty well to keep a Queenslander from freezing to death & were thin enough to keep on while shooting, reloading , opening JD cans, and whatever else. Surprisingly even kept my hand warm while holding the spotlight out the window.
Not Saying they’re the warmest option out there but for their thickness i was pretty happy with them.
Hunters Element Hydrapel Full Finger Gloves
Hunters Element Hydrapel_Gloves_

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Not sure how warm you need to be, but look at cold storage work gloves. Some pretty thin ones now with decent fingertip feel. I imagine your local workwear shop would have a selection.

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Mechanix ( the brand ) best gloves i’ve ever worn and enable you to maintain full dexterity

Nomex flying gloves. What size are your hands mate?

Probably large but I’m not sure, I was looking at gloves on eBay and thinking what size I’d need.
So I’ve ordered a pair of cheap Remington ones in large for under 20 bucks mostly just to gauge the size.

Mate I shall check when I get home however I think I may have a few sets laying around. If I do I will send you a pic of them and if interested you can have them.


For sure mate,that would be great.

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