Recommend me a brand of Go Pro style camera

I want to record some of my walks around the NT bush carrying a bangstick with a point of view angle, and also some through-the-scope vision. Does such a thing exist that does both?

Anyone got any recommendations?

I can’t recommend a product but if you haven’t, check out Aussie Bush Harvest on Youtube. He does what you are talking about (just not through the scope) and I think he does his camera work quite well for a bloke alone in the bush.

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It is also a great way to help find game, saves walking for miles and seeing nothing.

Go pro is the class leader in action cams.
Several other players like SONY etc have also entered the market.
Go pro would be your baseline, but expensive. See some reviews vs a go pro and go with your budget.
If budget is no concern, a Go Pro is the easy answer.
I have an Aldi one, cost $70
It works, but it adds a purple hue to everything. Not bad, but you can see it, otherwise fine. Not in the same league as my brothers go pro for footage though.

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I have a Go Pro 8. Takes great footage, very easy to use, lots of mounting accessories readily available so you can easily find a place to mount it. One touch recording, can be switched on by voice if you want. Super light and compact. The biggest downside I have found is the battery life isn’t great. If you want to capture lots of footage during a hunt, you’ll need a second battery.

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Anything with many and good reviews from Bangood or Ali…

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@JizzFlinger did you decide on one?

No, not yet but Im leaning towards the GoPro. I guess Im being a tightarse and wanting my mercedes with toyota reliabilty at the price of a kia.


You know what they say, “Buy once, cry once”.