Reading between the lines

So yeah, some nutters shooting at cops in Brisbane. Alright…

…but I have a different take away from this article. I think cops need to paid more, so this poor bastard doesn’t have to moonlight as a trady until the pager goes off.

Just lol

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Tactical tradie, love it :joy: i bet he regrets the choice of wearing shorts to work and getting called on ops, half the part of rockin’ tactical gear is looking cool at least he has oppo sunnies on

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OR…, was it just some wannabe who thought he’d join in on the action???:wink

Lol, paaarty, let me go get my gel bluster and help. Hehehe

He could be the bloke that the company sends around when you’re late paying the bill,

So basically there’s a high chance of me being correct lol

Carrying a machine gun?

Ohh yeah, and on what planet does “a minimum of 10 chin-ups, 35 push-ups and 100 sit-ups, a 10km run in under 46 minutes and a 400m swim in under 10 minutes” count as an intense fitness test? I’d fail the swim test, but only because I’ve never bothered to put the effort in to becoming any better than vaguely capable of swimming. Everything else on the list is hardly “intense” for anyone with any interest in being fit.

Lol, @bent_arrow. I’d fail running. Maybe together we could make a fully functional copper. Hehehe

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Yeh, it’s true. A machine gun!
Must be true; it was in the news!
They wouldn’t not tell the truth, would they?

If you wanted to hang around in the CBD without being noticed Hi Vis etc would be a good choice.

Yeah i just read that intense fitness test and almost spat out my cuppa, lol!