RCBS MatchMaster Dispenser

Pretty slick. If you’ve had a chargemaster for a few years and you make money in your sleep, you might be interested.
The big claim: .04gn accuracy
The big difference: twin tube feeders
The big price: probably just over $1000 aussie shekels.


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I don’t see the benefit of having 2 dispenser tubes.

Big tube for bulk dispersion, little tube to top up accurately.

I skipped through most of the video because it doesn’t look like he’s programmed it to speed up to a predetermined point. Also I don’t know if you can on this model.
On first gen Chargemaster, you can make so it bulk feeds at the maximum rate up to a set point before going into trickle mode. An essential thing if you are changing from say fine powder Lil’Gun to 2208 logs to avoid annoying overthrows.

I get that but mine does the same thing but with just the one.

I’m guessing the internal scales are better. Also, new, got to release mate, to stay relevant.