RCBS lube press

I’m selling my RCBS Lam 2, cast bullet lube press. It has a custom handle, set up for air pressure on lube resivior, and has a 12v lube pad, with AC transformer. Also comes with the original pressure screw, and piston, if i can find it. I will Upload pictures tonight, if there’s some interest.

Hey, why lube when I can powder coat? Serious noob question.

I guess that some might find it easier to lube and less time consuming then powder coating.
I coat mine with HiTek coatings but will be lubing my 577/450 when I start loading for it as it is black powder.


Good question, I know nothing about PC, and I don’t care to. I’m traditional bullet caster…The lube press sizes and lubes in one stroke of the handle.

The tl;dr powder coat to bullet lube is what cars are to horse and carriage. Unless it’s black powder than you’d still need lube, but this time to reduce fouling, instead of contributing to the lubricity of the bullet. Velocity also plays a big role…

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