RCBS ChargeMaster 1500 hacks, tips and tricks?

So wondering if anyone here uses RCBS ChargeMaster 1500 (auto thrower) and if you have reprogrammed or tuned it in any way?

Straw trick works REALLY well. I tried printing one, but a simple straw with some masking taping for a bushing works surprisingly well. I also re-programmed lower range values, to slow down quicker. I am still working on that.

Noticing it is off by 0.1 grain, it’s very consistent, but the scales seem to be a bit slow to react. I can accommodate for that, but wondering if anyone has any tips, tricks, etc.

Mate I had a chargemaster lite which I used for several years without fault. Didn’t need a straw to trickle powder accurately either. I have just recently disposed of it as the scale become unreliable and inaccurate.

Last evening I had balance beam scales and CM and just going back and forth looking at the charges. It’s consistent, but it’s not on the money with balance beam. Maybe under 0.1 off. Accurate enough and consistent, but I recon one could squeeze more precision out of it with some tinkering or maybe a different technique.

Depends on the sticks its chucking. It cant help but dump a bundle of 2209 and 2208 logs on its finest setting, but stuff like ball it does really well. I never turn it off any more as it gets to a point where it stops drifiting provided the ambient temps are the same. If you turn it on and zero it with the pan and just watch it every hour, you’ll see it drift away from zero continuoulsy.

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Yeah, drift shits me up the wall.

Mine drifted like a bastard. Yet my RCBS digital scales worth half the price of the charge master are rock solid.