Rcbs 4x4 press, what's it worth?

I have this press that I don’t use and I’m thinking I might as well sell it but I have no idea what it’s worth.
It works just fine and back when I only loaded one cal it was great but it’s a pain and expensive to change over all the time so I only use the single stage Redding press I have also.
It comes with a few spare parts, primer feeder and tools.
It has some surface rust but I’ll clean it all up before I take some nice pics.
Anyway I have no real idea what it’s worth as I got it for cutting a hedge years ago.

Dunno but what did you pay for it?
All I can see online is she’ll plates on eBay going for $70-80.

I cut down some small trees and trimmed a suburban hedge for my dad’s mate in return for a whole box of reloading stuff.
Those expensive shell plates are one of the reasons I’m not using it.

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G’day GUN-DMC,
These old A series presses were somewhat problematic in auto index but not bad for the manual index model which yours appears to be. They can still be found on fleabay occasionally ranging from $150 to $450 depending on accessories (shellplates can be over $45US each!) and manual ($150) or auto. I would expect to pay around $120 for it as is, or cleaned up $150. Postage is what will make it hard to move as they were a big, heavy press! Cheers.


Thanks mate

There is a bloke on the other forum currently looking for a used press

Sounds like he should find a better forum then lol

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Hi GUN-DMC, do you still have the rcbs press for sale?, Thanks.

@6V53T I do mate!
@GUN-DMC is an admin account, my every day shit talking account is @bentaz now days.
The press has not moved from under my bench in a while, it needs a good clean but it’s here still if you’re interested.

Morning mate, yes I’m interested if you send me a text I will call you, Thanks,