Rare .303 for sale

Rare, .303 SMLE.
Light handling marks on timber as you would expect from a 100 yo rifle, nice patina, all matching except for bolt, action, mag & barrel.
Used in 2 world wars but has very low round count!
Very rare, safe queen.
Serious collector’s only!
A bargain at only $1200 firm.


Forgot to mention: original sling in fair condition!

Is this what happens when you have so many guns? It gets put at the back of the safe and comes out 100 years later looking like this?

Makes you wonder how many are lying forgotten in sheds and rafters.The termites mustn’t have liked the butt for some reason.

You could start a collection with that and this one owner Winchester

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@bentaz, Did you find that one while you were magnet fishing?

The '73 Winchester looks like one that was found in the mountains somewhere in the U.S.
It was found just leaning up against a tree, if only it could tell the story of what happened to the fella that put it there.
Saw an amazing collection of similar firearms in the Panhandle Plains Museum in Canyon, Texas.
Displayed as they were found, a lot of hand guns still loaded, with the hammer down on a fired chamber.

I don’t know where that .303 was found, a mate up north sent me the pics.

Yes, it is that Winchester.

actually though, i happen to like .303’s but things have gotten a little out of hand these days

It’s time to expand your horizons, grasshopper. You have one, get something else… Nice Mosin carbine (M38, M39, M44 any of the three I recon you will love), nice Mauser… Maybe something more unique, K11, K31 or perhaps Arisaka or something… :slight_smile:


Naah i’m in a bit of a tricky situation at the moment, fallen through the cracks between two states

A day late but- Rare? Rare! Looks overdone to me.

Baddum tish.


This was apparently found under a concrete slab, it had the remains of a stock which disintegrated when he moved it.
Being a 577-450 it’s just a wall hanger now.

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Wow, where did that come from?


That’s mint compared to one I’ve got, which is down to just a barrel and distorted empty receiver as it was used as a hammer and fencing strainer.

I’m gunna try to buy it off him, gotta go through another bloke, I’d like to chuck a stock on it n hang it up on the wall.

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Sounds like a good plan.

I’m making enquiries now.

Bolt pin is missing, stupid, but, is the bolt stuck in there?