Rapido Decapperoo

Im one of those wet tumbling weirdos that likes to deprime before cleaning.

So after decapping the 1200th case of 38 special, I was thinking there must be a faster way.

Using the progressive press setup with a universal decapping die, ‘decapping only’ is one of the lowest force requirements of the handle and press, yet you have to use the full stroke. This is kinda lame, kinda tiring.

Was thinking that a shorter stroke system trading mechanical advantage for reduced stroke combined with the casefeeder could be a viable solution. I mean on this old lee press it takes less than 45 degrees of lever to allow for case insertion, deprime, clearance and kick (I use a case kicket) so with linkages it could be reduced significantly and speed up case decapping.

Anything on the market that I may have missed? Is this a silly idea?

I have had this problem, my friend. Progressive does seem like a solution, but an overkill in effort and what not…

Lee App Press + Case Feeder + Universal Decapping Die is what you’re after.

Here I am sizing, because I don’t have a Dillon kit for 455 Webley, how lame of them! But same-same, just drop a hose from feeder to case guide and crank away.

…I have also entertained an idea of a hydraulic piston :slight_smile: But haven’t had the time nor the inclination to make what would end up being a finger chopping machine. Or you could drop $5k - $7k on Dillon auto-drive add-on.

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I run this, can sit in front of the telly or whatever. I did just do 500 223 on a progressive but.

But how do you connect a case feeder to it? :slight_smile:

Im gonna watch that in action on youtube. Now to put this second batch on with some soap flakes and warm water.

You don’t, i just leave the bushing loose so the case drops out. Not as good as a case fed progressive but.

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