Range bag load-out (photos please)

I started with loading (100) 357 cartridges, then ADHD happened and I primed a few hundred case, then I finished reloading, then ADHD happened again… So I organised some stuff and this post happened.

I like the idea of having everything ready to go, so tonight I organised everything into one range bag and took some photos.

Why? Because I feel like it, also because I go shooting at like 4 different locations, excluding hunting. Some 20 minutes away, others are 1 to 2 hour drive. Local ranges are easy – I just bring the essentials, safety gear, ammo and a gun… However, longer trips, I make a day off it and try to be self-sufficient, so I can solve, at least temporarily, any issues that may come up and not ruin my day.

Some hard lessons:

  • New chassis not fastened tight enough and hex key is not long enough to fix that issue – came to shoot that gun, shooting over.
  • Owning a Marlin, LOL! Well, I do love that gun, but I had a Marlin jam and lucky someone had a screwdriver…
  • No correct hex keys for peep sight adjustments…
  • Live round, rim-jam in a Mosin mag – no needle nose pliers. Solved eventually.
  • Shot target stand, could not reattach backing material – no more target shooting, (just plinking at long range gongs, which I love, but that wasn’t the plan).
  • …and the list goes on.

So, inside the range bag…

Note: open image in new tab will open the larger version of the photo.

The range bag! Found online somewhere, actually same one issued to local law enforcement, I am told, but I got it directly from some 3-rd world factory overseas, cheap-cheap :slight_smile: I like it, durable, heaps of compartments, lots of pockets, also comes with brass collection pouch (love it) and handgun case (don’t love it). Pretty much what a range bag should be.

I am thinking, if I find the right backpack, I’d use that, maybe. For now, I love my bag.

What’s inside my range bag - overall

What’s inside my range bag - by numbers

  1. (spares) Batteries for hearing pro, range finder, scope, etc.
  2. (spares) Staples
  3. (spares) Ear plugs
  4. (spares) Brass (get ammo discount if I return some, so I always have some spares if I can’t find mine)
  5. (spares) Sharpie
  6. (spares) Notebook
  7. (occasional, depends where I am going) Binos (spotter is on a wishlist)
  8. (cleaning) Pouch with bore snakes (sometimes to patch oil out, sometimes it just needs a quick clean)
  9. (cleaning) Hand wipes (for hands)
  10. (cleaning) Gun oil (because nobody likes going in dry)
    10.1 (cleaning) Hiding under gun oil is a rag.
  11. (cleaning) Scope cleaning kit
  12. Water
  13. Lock (for ammo can)
  14. Club membership card, etc.
  15. Range finder
  16. Gaffer tape (because McGyver!)
  17. Leatherman (because Leatherman!)
  18. Grease (because I like old milsurps)
  19. Bunch of tools and pouch
  20. Notebook
  21. Sharpie
  22. Spare clay thrower machine tokens
  23. Small tape measure (target shooting)
  24. First aid (Paracetamol, bandaid, wound dressing, tissues for when I see a bigger gun)
  25. Staple gun (target shooting)
  26. Recoil pad (for some larger milsurps, because I am soft like that)
  27. Bug spray
  28. Sunscreen (because Straya)
  29. Muesli bars (because they are delicious)
  30. Chamber flags
  31. Spare choke for shotgun (I’d lose it if it wasn’t in there)
  32. 22LR Spee-D-Loader
  33. Safety glasses (sometimes range rules, sometimes mad science load experiments)
  34. Hearing protection (soon to be replaced with better electronic earmuffs)
  35. Bunch of targets (and what looks like a target, but used to be gluten-free pizza base boxes)
  36. Hi vis vest (range rules for walking out further than armchair-commandoes can)
  37. Clips (for milsurps, yes, clips to go in magazines)
  38. Brass collection pouch (came with the bag, but I use it)

Bonus round
Rifle stand and rear bag. I’ve tried a few rear bags, but I haven’t found anything better than my old hiking socks filled with rice.

Stuff that’s not in the photos, obviously guns and ammo. Also target stand (just a metal frame) and spare magazines, but that depends on guns I’m taking.

A rather ugly idea, but from what I understand it’s effective, is ladies tampons… For “plugging” wounds, like gunshot wounds.

A back pack is fine, but a range bag is designed to be just that. A RANGE BAG, packs are more intended to be for extended stays, etc…

But, to be fair, and now that I’ve read your message and request, I have to say that it’s a damned fine posting, we all can benefit from this…

I use a similar range bag, mines https://www.firsttactical.com/products/recoil-range-bag.

In it:

  • knife
  • screw driver set
  • hammer and brass punch (tapping out pin for upper receiver swap on my WFA1 and drifting front sights)
  • roll of patch material and scissors
  • cleaning kit for each of the cals I’m shooting that day
  • co2 blower (cures dry balls)
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • stapler
  • spare staples
  • targets and target stickers
  • pens/sharpies,
  • nipple wrenches
  • pipe cleaners (for cleaning out nipple/flash hole in muzzle loaders - reminds me I need to buy some more)
  • spare ear plugs
  • extra batteries for electronic plugs
  • portable battery pack for chrony
  • rear bags
  • bench mat
  • towel
  • hand wipes.

Also fits 100 rounds or so of ammo for each rifle I’ve got with me or lead balls, caps, powder and flask, powder measure, ball starters (small for 45 and large for 58 cal) if I’m taking muzzle loaders.

Also take target boards, front rest and or cross sticks, LabRadar chrony, spotter scope and drinks esky.


@juststarting and the @TheDude you would have made good Scouts. It looks like you are prepared for everything. I think maybe I will have to cheat and add a few things to the bag before I lay it out and take a photo. :joy:

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@sungazer, the difference is that you can pretty much shoot from your verandah, I have to drive for 1+ hours.

I do go to local ranges… This is my other bag :slight_smile:

  • hearing protection
  • eye protection
  • spare ear plugs
  • spare batteries for hearing protection

Both ammo and gun also go in the bag… Bare essentials when I’m 20 minutes from home.

yeah, I don’t really travel light but im 45min from the range and when I go I usually take 4 or so rifles so like to have everything i’ll need with me as im there for the day. am usually the guy lending someone a screwdriver or cleaning rod

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@juststarting Yes and No. When shooting at home yes everything I will ever need should be there. But I travel quite a lot shooting Home and away matches even the Home range is 1 1/2 hours away. This Saturday it is shooting at Karramomus 1000 yards 3 ranges nearly 2 hours so If I forget something or have a problem I cant deal with, Shooting for the day is finished.
The good thing shooting one gun for these events and it is a pretty simple but rugged design. so only a few tools are needed for anything that may come loose.
I will do the pics and list of stuff soon.

Pics or it didn’t happen, mate.

Cross-post form https://www.reddit.com/r/Ausguns where I asked the same question. More of a go everywhere shooting bag (and some tools not in photos).

Ok here is what I often take to the range. Often minus the Binos if we are shooting on electronic targes and I dont have to see the target to score.

Ammo I always take at least twice as much as I will need. Sometimes someone else will forget or have a problem with theirs and sometimes I will get some light strikes and failure to fire.

Two sets of ear muffs in case I has problems or I just want to change due to comfort I also have some yellow disposable ones in that alli tin along with ear buds for a clean of me or anything else that they would suit.

Some spare batteries for the earmuffs.

A set of Safety glasses although these are never worn as they can cause issues when looking through a scope.

A set of imperial and two sets of Metric Allen keys they are for the bipod attachment and also if I wanted to disassemble the bolt.

A small tool box of all the Allen keys that have ever come with anything gun related for scope turrets ect and for takedown screws. Also a spare set of staples in there and I would have a stapler if going to a range or place that required it.

A torque wrench and socket that fits the scope mounts I always give a extra 1/4 turn after the correct torque setting. Screwdriver and adjustable spanner.

Bolt protector bag, some pens for scoring and making notes in my Gun Log not shown. Membership card, kinfe, fox whistle and range finder handy place to keep as the range box is always accessible at home.

Timers our shoots have a time limit and having your own timer that you can start yourself stops Aholes telling you, you are getting low on time or are about to go over who really have no idea just that I may have taken a time out between some shots while conditions come back and then can send them down quickly.

Basic cleaning stuff, patches roll of patches scissors, Rod guide and solvent. I like to get a few patches down as quickly as possible. If possible while the gun is still warm. The carbon comes out easier while still fresh and then I leave it to soak on the way home and continue later that night or the next day.

Camera to get a few shots for the articles on the website, local paper, FB ect and a USB as you always need to have at least one on hand.

Whats not shown. A chair, a towel or two in case of rain to place over gun must keep water out of chamber and off the ammunition. Bipod, wood plates for bipod to sit on, rear bag and doughnut bag for it to sit on. and a shooting mat to keep me dry and cleanish.

Notice I have two of anything that is important or may break. The pelican may be overkill but I have had a couple of them for ages and taken them all over the world, on the back of motor bikes with my clothes in. They are like the Luggage in “Joe and the Volcano” secure strong and if dirty can just be put in the shower. Here it is just easy to pick the whole lot up together and put a lock on it to meet the ammo rules.


Just for shits and giggles:

Shooting Kit of a Modern Victorian Rifleman

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Thought that it was time for me to do mine.
Below is the bag all packed and other than pistols and ammo, ready to go.

Below are the contents minus a couple of bits that I was using in the shed and was to lazy to go get them.

The list of bits and pieces,

First aid kit,
Cleaning kit,
Gun oil,
Cleaning solution,
Safety glasses,
Shooting glasses,
Ear muffs,
Cable ties,
Tactical fly net,
Spare mags,
Mag loader,
Pen and assorted tools,
Insect bite cream,
Nail slippers,
Cleaning cloths,
Lead remover cloths,
Spare batteries,
Mag cleaning brush,

The bits missing are,
Metris and imperial Allen keys,
Torx keys,
Small screwdriver set,

Time to bump this thread. Folks, show us your range bag loadout.

@Supaduke you owe me a range bag photo :slight_smile: @Gregfiddich I feel like you have some goodies to share too :slight_smile:

I take my range box every where and have some other stuff for different occasions.

Shotgun vest for shot gun and that sort of crap

My standard range box below

Spare mags for all my rifles RF and CF
Harris and Atlas bipods
Weather Flow weather meter
Game callers
Tools and torque wrench
Oil and grease
Bore snakes
thread protectors or brakes
Chamber flags
Spare targets
Stapler and tape
Flagging tape
Shooting hat
Ear plugs and electronic ear plugs
Round holders for comps
Reflective tape for confirming zero on Thermal
Notebook, Pens and other random shit

If I am going to do a bit more serious shooting I pack the below

Shooting mat
Hog saddle and tripod
Armageddon gear sticky mini game changer
Tab gear large rear bag
Tab gear st8 laced bag
Magneto speed V3
Swaro EL Range 10x42 Bino/range finders
Magpul MS4 sling
Howard Leight Electronic ear muffs
For black out driving or using the shotgun the Pulsar NVG’s work good and fun to have around


Rifle rests.
Sock full of sand for rear bag.
Pliers, multitool with torx and Allen heads for scope adjustment or tightening.
Brass punch set for iron sights
Pegs and tape for targets
Range finder to practice variable distance shooting
Tripod and spotting scope
A big hammer for target frames
Bore snake
Spare shackles and hangers for gongs.
Book for DOPE
Notepad for observations I need to remember.
Bunnings tool bag.
Not shown: broken bits of clay targets, various empty shells, rags, magazines, Mars Bar wrappers, lighters, spanners.


Few new members, I recon this should be revived… Who’s a swag hoe like us? Post here :slight_smile:

I definitely pack light compared to most of you guys. My Range bag in it’s natural state which is just for punching paper with pistols.

Cens ear buds
Spika ear muffs (spares)
Pilla glasses indoors
Pilla glasses outdoors
Bore laser
Uplula loader
Torx bits
Torque driver
Small cleaning kit

If i’m going to play IPSC i just chuck in my holster.

If i’m off to the rifle range (which is isn’t very often) i just add this box of bits & pieces, the bag rests and a cleaning rod. And on those super rare days when hell freezes over and i go to shoot clays i also throw in a shell pouch.
Jags, brushes & patches
Boretech solvent
Bore guides
Ratchet driver & bits
Cleaning rod
Bore snake for shotgun
Bag rests

Spiderco, a man of taste and fashion…

Yeah i like the Spydercos, i’ve got a few of them.