Random thought on lever actions

So at risk of sounding like a heathen… A random thought. I’ve shot Rossi, Henry, Chiapa (I am not going to bother with that) and Marlin in pistol calibre lever action.

Marlin (side eject) is chunky, built like a tank and needs a new lifter out of the gate, but beyond that, it’s probably one of my favourite lever actions.
Henry (side eject) - similar in the chunky tank department. Smooth as silk. Has it’s own little nuances, but also my favourite lever action.

Now we move to Rossi (Winchester clone) and Winchester it self (all top eject). I am not impressed with the action. Am I the only one who likes the idea of owning a lever action Winchester rifle, but when it comes to actually shooting it, it sits at the bottom of the preference ladder?

hides and waits for responses

Marlin - one screw, remove lever, remove bolt, clean just like a bolt action.
Don’t know about any others. Why would I want to know?

Bore Snakes are fantastic for cleaning lever-action rifles :slight_smile:

On the go. At some stage it will need a proper clean.

Because they are fun I guess. :smiley: Have 3, but I feel like I’d like at least 2 more, maybe 3 :scream_cat: that’s off top of my head right now lol.

Make it 4

Ive had 73s, 92s and 94’s in pistol chamberings and pre remington 1895 in 45-70 and even in a bigass rifle chambering it felt better than the 92 and 94.

The 73 however is a standalone for slick operation. Skinny as a strippers pole you can quickly imagine its advantage on horseback over a bulkier offering. Likewise that fat arse fore end on the marlin and heavy timber stock and big steel action well heck, a man could beat a grizzly bear to death with it if he had to. A winchester would snap in half.

Its horses for courses I think.

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I have a 92 clone in 357, havent shot it in years.
The only two levers I’m really interested it for the future are the 1887 shotgun and the 1895, both are out dated (obviously) and shit, but cool from a historic perspective. The 1885, in Russian boolits would be the cooler of the two, I shot @danmacs one in 30-06 a couple of years ago and it was cool.

Actually @bentaz, mine is in .35 Winchester, the case they later necked up to make the .405 Winchester.
Great rifle ( 1904 vintage ), great calibre, whops the shit out of pigs, goats and the mongrel mickey bulls my former neighbour had that ran wild.

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