Random thought of the day

You look at some ammo and think, that’s good looking ammo, I need a gun for it.

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Anyone in Vic shooting a .270 Winchester? I have a box of S&B 270 that’s stuck into my ammo safe somehow. If anyone can use it.

Sooner or later I’ll buy a 30-30, my dad gave me a box shells

Old school, Winchester lever action is sexy! Has to be a Winchester though.

while I love all guns, I also don’t love lever actions. I want a savage 340 in 30-30, or a SMLE, cadet or something.

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Don’t let a bad experience define you :smiley: Winchester lever gun, you know you will love it.

this would do nicely!

I approve, but $1500 seems a lot.

that one sold for $750

I was sad when I missed this one!

All inferior choices to a lever action. Although, I did like that 1885 (as a second 30-30).

No it doesn’t have to be a Winchester but it is one of the options.
There are several others out there just as good if not better. The older model Winchester were good but they dropped the ball a bit when they sold out.

Shush, you!


That 30-30 303 Pistol looks very Gangsta made. I would be that some of the Stolen guns end uo looking like this.

Yeah I would like a 30 30 bolt gun. The dirty 30, would be very accurate in a bolt gun I believe. The Savage 340 is no longer made, but they are a simple design and shoot well. They come up from time to time.

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