Random scope find...

Was looking for something in my box of gun parts and found this little guy:


Looks exactly like this, but my phone camera had it, so found a similar photo… Fixed old school Tasco made in Japan 4x32. Came with my H&R that I swapped out for a red dot. And bam! Just re-discovered it. And it’s been used and abused. Still clear, but has this used look which is perfect to slap on BL-22. Methinks it will gel sexiley.

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Good find. It will be a good fit on your BL 22.

I often have a look through my spare parts bin and often see something and wonder where I got it from or how long I have had it for.

I had Skinner aperture sights on it, I like them a lot, but I have other 22s with iron sights now, so this one was due for a scope. Also, had this on it in the past, very photogenic, but it just didn’t do it for me. Modern looking scope, matte finish, looked good, but just didn’t do it for me on wood and blued steel, not on a lever action.


Tasco one has a glossy finish, thin profile, beaten up and scratched (but not too much), the looks gels very well and it looks perfect, I think. Love it and 4x32 is all I need on it.

Also, my phone camera is busted, so this will do for the time being :stuck_out_tongue:

Had to drift rear sight out to make everything fit, damn I hate doing that. Any type of sight adjustment should not include a damn hammer!

Looks good, now you just have to take it out and test run it.

Yep… Which won’t be happening this month :frowning: because everyone decided to have a b’day in October. Pfft!

What better way to celebrate a birthday than going out for a shot.

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Yeah, nah, not mine…

birthday shoot!
if it was my birthday and I did’nt get to shoot I’d be sad!

Me too, but I’m just the audience, lol

Now that I think about it, maybe I should have a bday shoot :slight_smile:

yup and buy everyone guns for their birthday, then tell them you’ll mind them for them until they get thier license sorted!

Another random scope find…

My girlfriend has this old Japanese tasco that her dad gave her over a decade ago.
It looks brand new, glass is crystal clear. I guess I better give her a .22 to put it on!

@juststarting had the pic issue then resized pics and they loaded up OK. Have you figured out what’s up with that mate?