Random reloading problems (AKA first world problems)

That feeling when you are in the zone, you are about to go do some reloading only to realise that you are out of bullets and need to cast rather than load. Booooooooooo

Try not to let that be a problem myself…



hehehe, those are rookie numbers, although I could do with some more 6.5. Alas, no, when I talk about casting, I talk about most obscure shit that I just cannot buy :frowning: i.e. I literally have to cast them, because they are not for sale. I respect a good stockpile however! Everyone needs a bit of reserve.


That would make it hard. When i extend into the depths of senility i might take up a few rounds that require casting.

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I dunno, who’s the senile one here?
The bloke who has to rely on someone else or he who can make his own?


i’d probably get into bullet turning if i started making my own.

Yep nothing like your own self sufficient bullet supply!! My thoughts exactly…

To be consistent, that would require a fair investment in a decent CNC lathe…I swage and cast, and casting is the most cost effective to set up. Swaging jacketed is very expensive, and not worth it, unless you make your own jackets, as they are the cost of commercial finished bullets, by the time you land them here in Australia. I cast almost exclusively…