Random lazy day gun chat...

So i finally have a day of doing nothing.

Yes, @juststarting, i fixed the 2Fa…

Might go into Launi and buy a new safe, some powder, 308 ammo and shotgun shells…

Might load some 7-08 and 223 ammo… Looks like i am blowing the cash i saved for my new stock on a bunch of other firearm bits! :rofl::rofl::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

Been looking at scopes for this Omark i am buying and am thinking of a fixed power scope with target/tactical turrets. Am looking at SWFA and Sightron and whatever else is pretty cheap/ish. Reading reviews on fixed 20x scopes and a lot of people are saying that resolution isn’t great on higher power. Never used anything bugger than my 17.5x but it is pretty clear for a lower/mid budget scope (around $1200). Are these people just writing off flawed optics because they don’t want to admit they cheaped out and got a low quality scope or do you guys with experience in high mag scopes find that clarity and resolution is compromised the greater the magnification power of the scope?

Also looking at Zeiss HD5 because they are price reduced to clear in many shops at the moment.

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First 40 odd minutes of this pod-cast is a very interesting conversation on firearms, shooting, hunting, etc…

You deserve a lazy day doing what you like after the hectic Christmas that you had. Hope you make the most of it.

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Cheers mate… dunno that googling gun accessories all day is really making the most of it! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sounds like my day lol

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So what’s the best site for finding 2nd hand scopes?

Every time i look at scopes i end up blowing my budget and wanting the nice euro steiners and such! :rofl:

Ummm not real sure but I guess used guns would have a few.

So what are you looking for power wise and what’s your budget?

(I am bored so will look around as well lol)

haha… cool.

I’m looking between 10x - 20x. Preferably fixed power but also looking at variable. Will go upto $900 MAX for a great deal but preferably $500’ish limit. Most important is tracking because it’s for f-class std and acceptable clarity for 600yd.

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There are a few good ones in there, most are variable and some are brands that I know nothing about.


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I’ll take a look…

I might just stick with the SWFA SS 12x fixed. Should land it here for about $500…

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Mate buy a second hand Nightforce 8*32 BR great scope about $1000 second hand quite a few available as people upgrade to NF competitions. Just cant beat it for value for money.

Can’t find any at that price… Unless you know of some?

They dont last long but they come up regularly. so it is a waiting game. Keep an eye out on ozfclass forum. I picked up a NF comp on there for @2300 with rings (quite a few being sold as the reticle is too fine for some old blokes eyes when the majority is black reticle on black target) and also on used guns. check reticle dont now what you like but i prefer a ruler type NPR2 not dot type.

Tell him he is dreaming https://www.usedguns.com.au/Product.aspx?p=141000 still for sale because it is too expensive several of your mates have picked them up for you know how the story goes

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I love his comment, too powerful for my needs. Probably had it on a 22 mag.

@Gwion I just seen that Cleavers have this on special…



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What is the tracking like on it?
The SWFA has heaps of reviews saying the tracking is good and it lists a 120 MoA e/w adjustment…

Have not used that particular model but the Bushnell that I have on my 6.5 is fantastic for the price.

Cleavers had a few others on special, Nikon, Tasco etc…

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