Random Carcano ammo find...

So, some random find in a fun shop today.

Even though I have all components, etc. I thought, this is rare enough and cheap enough to grab a couple of boxes. One for keeping, one for sending. :smiley: Pretty happy with my find.

You know those moments (some) of you (with enough toys) have when you remember that you have a specific gun… Just had one of those, I have a Carcano. W00t! I love it when I forget and then remember. Completely tuned out until I looked at the photo and went, oh, hold… That’s cool.

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That’s what happens when you get old. You forget about what toys you have. But then it’s a surprise just waiting to happen. Just ask @1Fatman

Shooting Carcano today for the monthly Specialty Shoot alongside the main comp. Using an M91 Cavalry Carbine and the Mrs is using an M38 Carbine. Still have a few boxes of Highland factory but prefer the 160g Hornady in my reloads. Wouldn’t mind a bit more factory stuff as backup though, so where did you find that stuff juststarting? Cheers.

Oriellies in Thornbury, they had a few boxes as of yesterday.

Cheers mate, might go over Monday and grab a couple.