R licence questions

Hi guys been away for little while,
If ed got some questions about the r licence in NSW. For instance If I have taken the the ssaa “hunting club” off my firearms licence does that make my R licence null and void. Cheers guys

I’m not from nsw so I can’t be certain but I would doubt it Mate.

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Cheers mate I didn’t think so

@Brett @wylie27 …?

U do need to be a member of a AHO to keep it I was told by the game council back in 2010. But now run by DPI. Found this on their website…


Approved Hunting Organisations

Before qualifying for an R-licence, you must become a member of an Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO). You must also maintain your membership for your R-licence to remain valid. There are close to 200 AHOs registered in NSW.

You will be asked to provide proof of your membership when you send in your application paperwork.

@JMC_Def well I guess I was wrong, but with over 200 approved clubs you must be able to find one you like.

Or move to Victoria

@JMC_Def what part of nsw are you located in because while moving to Vic to hunt is always an option, just traveling down to hunt if it’s not to far is an option too if you don’t want to rejoin a hunting club to maintain your R licence.
Your nsw licence is valid here and you can hunt deer and pest species in State Forest at your pleasure, you will need a game licence for deer, but that’s just a tax basically and not the same pita that your R licence is.

Sorry for the late reply mate, Nah I’m a Mexican I live on the border, I would just like too leave my hunting options open. So do I need an R licence to hunt pest in NSW State Forest? Sorry for the million questions but I’ve never really hunted on NSW SF only private property.

Only deer an few times in SF a few times.

Then yes you do need an R licence to hunt in nsw sf.

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Cheers heaps man!

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