Questions: guns and calibers for Western Action shooting

Admittedly, I only have the perception about Western Action from YouTube, etc. So… Question is about handguns (and rifles) for Western Action shooting. I know they need to be single action (is this correct?), but what about the caliber?

It seems to me like 45LC is something very common. Granted, fun, but feels like it would be too heavy and clunky to control, etc. I would have thought that something like 38-whatever would be a much better option to stay competitive. Is this correct?

Is 45 the only calibre allowed? Are there others? What others? Does the caliber need to be period correct?

Actually period correct is another interesting one, because 357 carbines are shot a lot, but 357 magnum is a reasonably modern cartridge for ‘authentic cowboy’ shooting, so what’s up with that? And if they don’t need to be period correct, then could someone use something even smaller like a 22. I’m guessing no, but why not? Etc.

Please edumacate :slight_smile:

So I’m no expert, but I did go along a couple of times and a good mate got right into cowboy for a while

38spec seemed to be the most popular choice, with 44-40 & 45LC being the next two best choices.
Popular guns were ruger single action uberti cattleman revolvers and rossi mod92 levers and winchester mod 71’s.

As far as club stuff goes I reckon cowboy would be the most fun.

How could you go past a lever when it comes to cowboy. Dont think I have ever seen a western on the TV that doesn’t have one.

@sungazer, who’s going past levers? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, that’s what I thought, but all the demo videos and stuff suggested otherwise. 38 seemed liked the most sensible option. Although, that too doesn’t really feel like a period correct cartridge.

Does it have to be period correct or does anything go?

38-40 is period correct (1874), as is 380 Webley Long & Short (1868), 38 S&W aka 38 Colt New Police (1877). The 38 Special was introduced in 1902, still within the “Golden Age” of the cowboy. and is permitted due to it being the direct replacement of the 38 Colt which is now obsolete and unobtainable. 357 is allowed due to the number of single action pistols made for it, all 32 calibre single action revolvers are permitted. 22 rimfire is permitted in Buckaroo category. The only odd man out is 8mm Nagant which may be used in single action Model 1895’s. Pump action rifles are permitted. Most ammo is loaded down, so the 38 really has little advantage over the 44’s and 45’s. A friends son won Australian Champ, and cane 14th in the World Championships in the US, using 45LC, so it is still capable of holding it’s own against the 38’s and 32’s, Cheers.