Question: striker fired vs (hammer?) handguns.

Random thought…

Handguns with hammers (1911/hi-power designs) almost always have excellent triggers. And, striker fired handguns almost always have bad triggers.



Strikers are crap because they have to finish the last part of drawing the striker back. They’ll never match hammer fired triggers.

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Didn’t know…

I thought it was releasing the striker rather than ‘cocking it’ as part of the trigger pull in part anyway.

Can’t say it’s for all but It’s like that for a glock anyway. It’s part of the 3 steps safeties thing.

Ok, so trigger safety, drop safety and the sear. Assuming you have a race gun without drop safety (lawyer safety, so probably won’t happen unless super custom) - technically speaking, there should be nothing that prevents the sear to be super tuned? Although, then you’d have potential safety issues if… Hrmmmmmmmm

Yeah, just a random thought, was interested, because in my head somehow, I thought there’s a lot of potential in a striker fired handgun… But in practice it seems to be the opposite.

I really loved a decent STI 1911. But i really shot better with a 686

I like stock 686. Actually, I like most stock S&W revolvers under 6".

As for STI, grrrrr, I have strong opinions, but this is not why I am here :slight_smile:

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STI Trojan…was a good gun…